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Twistshake Canada is part of the Just Vircu (justvircu.ca) group and the exclusive distributor for Twistshake products in Canada.

Twistshake was born in Sweden as a baby brand to bring innovative products for busy parents. Twistshake aspires to develop products that are simple and safe to use, yet also offers an appealing design. We are of the opinion that aiming for functionality does not mean that we can ignore aesthetics, and our designers are always looking for ways to combine practicality with eye-pleasing design. We have won several awards regarding design and functionality which for us is a confirmation that we develop safe, functional and appealing products.

Babies are unique. They all have their individual needs, and these change at the same fierce rate that the babies themselves grow and develop. Our goal is to become experts in all the phases babies go through. When a child is faced with new challenges we want to be there to assist him by way of our innovative and safe line of products.

Manufacturing articles aimed at babies is synonymous with an immense responsibility. We guarantee products of the absolute highest quality through compliance with all the legal quality controls, as well as through regular internal check-ups and quality inquiries. This mentality permeates not only the manufacturing process: it is a cornerstone of Twistshake’s entire business.

About Just Vircu

We at Just Vircu focus on bringing international brands to Canada, we act as the exclusive distributor, their e-commerce partner, and sales representative. We help our brands to establish a strong presence in the country and achieve high growth year over year.

Some of our brands


nateen logo (www.nateen-canada.ca)

Premium, Biodegradable Eco-Friendly Diapers that are extremely soft and ideal for sensitive skin. Parents love them and babies ask for them. Once you try them you'll never look back.

alkanatur logo canada (www.alkanatur.co)

Because we are what we eat and drink, Alkanatur is an expert in Alkaline, purified water. We pride ourselves on bringing you the most certified and studied water filter on the market that will make your water taste awesome and your body feel great.