Tips For Sleeping Well During Pregnancy

Tips For Sleeping Well During Pregnancy

Sleeping well during pregnancy is a challenge for many women, especially in the last months of pregnancy. There are many reasons, one of the most obvious is the size of the belly, as it is getting bigger and bigger, and becoming more difficult to find good positions to sleep and relax. The extra weight that mom gained in the last months is another reason, she may be retaining fluid and constantly feeling full. And probably the less obvious reason, but it is present, is mom's anxiety as the due date is approaching.

Relaxing is the best advice we can give you, but we know that it is not always that simple. Therefore, here we leave you 5 tips that will help you make your nights shorter.

1. Keep a daily routine

It is important to prepare the body to sleep, to know that the time to rest is approaching and in this way to fall asleep better. A routine can be taking a shower before going to bed, reading a good book and, above all, always going to bed at the same time.


2. Avoid heavy meals before bed

Meals that are very heavy will make you feel very full and can upset your stomach, that will not let you fall asleep. Prefer light meals and try to eat at least two hours before going to bed.



3. Find a position that is comfortable for you

At the end of pregnancy one of the most difficult things is to find a comfortable position to sleep. For example if you are used to sleeping on your stomach, this is a position that you will have to discard during pregnancy. Doctors recommend sleeping on the left side, so blood flows better to the baby.



4. Use a maternity pillow

Maternity pillows help you get a better sleeping position. They are designed in a kidney shape to support the belly, hips and legs. If you suffer from back pain, a rest cushion designed in the shape of a C will help you to position it as you wish. This cushion will not only help you during pregnancy, but also afterwards to find a better way to breastfeed.


5. Always try to have a cool room to sleep

Heat is one of the discomforts of pregnant women and one of the reasons why they have trouble sleeping. It is best to have an air conditioner, especially in summer. If this is not possible, keep a fan inside the room and before going to sleep air the room, open windows and let the room cool down. If the heat is really a problem for you, take a shower every night before going to sleep.

If you are pregnant and struggling with sleep, try some of these tips to help you get through the night. You may find that one or two of these strategies work for you, or you may need to use a combination of them to get the best results. Sleeplessness can be frustrating and make your pregnancy feel even more difficult than it already is. Don’t suffer in silence – give these tips a try and hopefully get the goodnight’s sleep you deserve.

We hope you found this list helpful and that made your search a little easier!


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