How To Start The Transition From Breast Milk to Solid Food?

How To Start The Transition From Breast Milk to Solid Food?

Breast milk is fundamental in the development of a baby, however, there comes a certain age when babies need to incorporate new food. At 6 months old, a transition in feeding begins.

This mainly happens because they will begin to need more iron, zinc, and vitamins among other new nutrients, and also, because we need to begin the stimulation of the neurological development of the newborn. How do we achieve this?

The correct way to make this transition or complementary feeding is:

Creating porridge out of different foods. This is in order for your baby to start trying foods such as fruits and vegetables, among other foods in the food pyramid. This change of diet will let them test; flavours, textures and new ways of eating.

According to professionals, the first thousand days of feeding are fundamental in the life of a baby, since they will determine how new food tastes. This is why the main foods to make porridge are the following:

Cereals: thin noodles, rice, quinoa, semolina and oatmeal.

Vegetables: spinach, carrot, squash, beets, mushrooms, eggplant, green beans, broccoli, and Italian squash, among others.

Tubers: potato.

Meats/ fish: chicken, turkey, beef: black or pink, fish.

Crude oil: canola, olive, avocado among others.

Fruits: apple, pear, peach, banana, orange, kiwi, plum, melon, etc.

Over time, you will realize that soft porridge will not be enough, so you will have to complement it with some solid ones, obviously, that are easy to bite.

Be careful when feeding, as their little hands are very fast and restless, and flying food and spoons can be happening!

To avoid staining, always have a bib on hand, if you don't have one, we invite you to visit, where you will find all the necessary implements.


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